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Written by Věra Morávková   

Name of guideline

NumberEffective dateSourceNotice/document
 Requirements specifications for submission of the MA application and dossiers USKVBL/REG-1/2013 11.04.2013 ISCVBM public accessible document
 Detailed requirements concerning submissions of multiple applications for a marketing authosrisation of VMPs USKVBL/REG-5/2009 Rev.1 19.04.2010 ISCVBM public accessible document
  Note for guidance on draft texts to appear on the immeadiate single dose containers of IVMPs in other than the Czech language USKVBL/REG-1/2010 Rev.1 28.10.2013 ISCVBM public accessible document
 Application form for transfer of the marketing authorisation   USKVBL/REG-2/2009 1.4.2009 ISCVBM  public accessible document
 Providing consultations by the staff of the ISCVBM USKVBL/UST-2/2006 01.03.2006 ISCVBM public accessible document
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