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The notification of the collection of medicinal products containing NPS (narcotic and psychotropic substances) by veterinarians is sent by persons operating a pharmacy and distributors with a valid permit from the Ministry of Health for the handling of addictive substances. For this purpose, the ISCVBL publishes basic information and the form on which the report is submitted. Lists of addictive substances are set out in Government Regulation No. 463/2013. Veterinary medicinal products containing addictive substances can be filtered according to individual annexes on the ISKVBL website after checking the box Narcotic and psychotropic substances on the link: http://www.uskvbl.cz/en/authorisation-a-approval/authorisation-of-non-medicinal-veterinary-products/list-of-non-medicinal-vps/currently-authorised-vp/vp-search